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Animated Gardens Statement of Purpose:
To provide retreats to explore the mystery of death.

While the retreats are not parties, they are FAR MORE than simply getting together to encourage each other “to learn to cope” with the death of those we love. Our intent is to illuminate a bridge constructed throughout the centuries by science and religion. A bridge that crosses from absorbed beliefs about death to truths that can be acquired. And then, to motivate participants to use that bridge.

Goal: To demonstrate how the sustained endeavor to acquire truth about death (rather than settle for beliefs) leads to the experience that death is not a dead end.

Method: We begin by looking at the “unusual events” that always accompany death. By using reason, sense, and intellect nestled within humor and compassion, we investigate how our unconscious beliefs about death interfere with both the recognition of these “events” as well as with the comprehension of their importance. Through presentations, small group work, and interactive activities, participants bring their mostly unexamined beliefs about death into the light. We finish up by examining how and why beliefs get absorbed from our communities and begin the work of consciously choosing our views about death. Finally, tools are forged to help participants continue the quest beyond the retreat.

Number of participants: Limited to 24. Both those determined to understand the mysteries of existence and those determined to find their loved ones living in spirit are invited.

Cost: There is a $100.00 registration fee. Any financial contribution in the form of a tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated.