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Courageous Grief and the Holy Grail

Goal: by combining features of a blog, a newsletter and a chat room, the goal of “Courageous Grief” is to illuminate the solid bridge that crosses the abyss separating belief from knowledge … about death. A bridge painstakingly built over centuries by science and religion.

Method: On the last day of each month, a new topic will be presented for discussion, resources will be cited, and a “bulletin board/chat room” will be maintained.

Motivation: In the words of Rosamond Lehmann, “I was unable either to remain appropriately dumb or speak out steadily about my new knowledge and my investigations; and consequently I was racked by a sense of doubly betraying the loved and vanished child” (Swan in the Evening: Fragments of an Inner Life).

Betrayal has two faces; both of which are cowardly. A cowardly denial of what IS happening and a cowardly misportrayal of what IS happening. There will be no betrayal on these pages. Neither by exaggeration, nor by fear of being received as a broken-hearted crackpot. As we work together, broken hearts will begin to heal. Slowly but surely. Family by Family.

The first topic: How “International Bereaved Mother's Day” (May 2) and “International Bereaved Father’s Day (June 27) provide a game plan for shattering the Western death taboo killing us all. To be posted on July 2nd, 2021.


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