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Mission Statement: To bridge the gap between belief and knowledge and motivate YOU to acquire the truth that death is not a dead end.

It is vitally important to realize that our Western belief system about death is based on the assumptions of the (now outdated) theory of reality called Material Realism. This belief system nurtures a pain so terrific that it kills many of those whose loved ones die before they do. And it has been as equally absorbed by the religious as by the secular.

By using our reason, sense, and intellect to understand our experiences with Aaron after his passing, the members of the Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation came to know that death is not a dead end. We encourage you to do the same.

Refuse to follow the rules and regulations of the death taboo crippling Western culture. Go after those so loved and so missed that death is welcomed as the means to be with them. Experience for yourself what a waste of time that would be. You are with them now. And they will help you prove, to yourself, that death is not a dead end.

Do not fall victim to the belief that you cannot know anything about death until you die - if even then. Find out about it now, before you die, and be amazed at just how much you didn’t know. You hold the key. Use it.

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